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Perini Navi

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Perini Navi was born from the intuition, creativity, tenacity and technical capability of its founder, Fabio Perini.
Perini’s personal history is tied to the history of paper manufacturing. Born in a family with a paper factory, when he was just seventeen Perini invented a machine that could automatically stretch the felts used in paper manufacturing. This was the first idea, and the first patent, in a long series of technological innovations that would bring him in just a short while to be at the head of the Faper Group, a leader in paper manufacturing machinery.
If paper and the paper manufacturing process were his business interest, the sea and sailing were his personal passion. In the early 1980s Perini could not find a large sized sailing yacht that he could manoeuvre on his own. Frustrated but undaunted, Perini decided to start a new company to build his dream yacht.
Perini Navi was originally just a studio for the design, engineering and sale of large sized sailing yachts. In five years time Perini Navi began shipbuilding. This meant breaking with the traditionalism that still reigns in the world of sailing and going against the grain of the purists. The difficulties at first were enormous as it was hard to reach a clientele capable of understanding the importance of the innovations.
Gradually a new product made with new production processes found a new market niche. ‘Easy sailing’, where large sailing yachts could be handled with a small crew, came to light. All of this thanks to a computerised sail handling system and a series of automated systems for the opening and furling of the entire sail plan.
It was a technological transmigration between two sectors: mechanisms typical of paper manufacturing machinery such as the ‘furlers’ used to roll bobbins of paper, were transposed, modified and adapted for a new reality: sailing.
Thanks to the high quality of the yachts, to their extreme comfort and elegance, Perini Navi is today without a doubt the leader in the megasailer industry. The use of large sailing yachts, which had seemed on the verge of extinction, was revitalised thanks to Perini Navi and to its founder, Fabio Perini. And in 2007 the Perini Navi Group entered the motor yacht sector with the newly refurbished brand Picchiotti and the creation of a new series of Picchiotti motor yachts, the Vitruvius® series. Promising more innovations to come.

The latest acquisition to date is that of Cantieri Navali Beconcini, in La Spezia, another jewel in the Italian shipbuilding tradition, fully equipped to provide assistance and maintenance facilities for the Perini Navi fleet and to classic yachts, and to expand the production capacity of the Perini Navi Group.

Finally, Perini Navi USA was established in Newport, Rhode Island, dedicated to brokerage and charter services for Perini Navi yachts.

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Perini Navi
One Maritime Drive
Portsmouth, Rhode Island 02871
United States

Tel: 401-683-5600
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