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Compassion Over Killing

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Compassion Over Killing [COK] is a nonprofit animal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. Working to end animal abuse since 1995, COK focuses on cruelty to animals in agriculture and promotes vegetarian eating as a way to build a kinder world for all of us, both human and nonhuman.

Compassion Over Killing was founded as an extracurricular high school club with only three members and without any funding.  Today, COK has an office in the Washington, D.C.-area and maintains a strong local presence though we’ve also expanded our efforts on a national level. We have five full-time staff members who work tirelessly to expose the hidden horrors forced upon farmed animals and empower others to stand up for animals every time they sit down by choosing vegan foods.

COK works to end the abuse of animals in agriculture through undercover investigations, public outreach, litigation, and other advocacy programs.

As a small organization with limited resources, COK strives to work as cost-effectively and strategically as possible—and several of our national campaigns demonstrate that you don’t need a lot of money to bring about positive and meaningful changes for animals. For example, our MTV Pro-Vegetarian Commercial campaign, which was launched in 2004, is an ongoing effort that has proven to be incredible cost-effective and successful. Using video footage from undercover investigations inside factory farms, we’ve created seven hard-hitting 30-second ads that shine a bright light on the routine miseries forced upon farmed animals, and all the ads direct viewers to our website,, for more information.

Overall, our ads have been viewed over 25 million times nationwide at less than a penny per view—and the feedback from viewers has been phenomenal. You can find out more at

COK also successfully ended the use of the egg industry’s misleading “Animal Care Certified” logo, which used to be ubiquitous on the nation’s egg cartons. And most recently, COK teamed up with Mercy For Animals and the Animal Protection and Rescue League to urge BOCA to stop using eggs. Within weeks of releasing our campaign website,, the company announced that it would be completely egg‐free by the end of this year!  

To learn more about COK’s investigations, campaigns, and litigations, please visit
Help Make a Difference

Compassion Over Killing
P.O. Box 9773
Washington, District of Columbia 20016
United States

Contact: Erica Meier
Tel: 301-891-2458
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