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Just Ask Joy

How to Be Socially Savvy in All Situations

by Joy Weaver

Product Details:
  • Pub. Date: October 2005
  • Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 122
  • ISBN-13: 9781933285207
  • ISBN: 1933285206

  • Paperback



“Just Ask Joy . . . ” How to be Socially Savvy in All Situations is a quick reference of  “Power Tips” and “Faux Pas to Avoid” on fifty-one various business and social situations.

You will find everything from Business Meeting Manners, Tech Etiquette, and Jetiquette; to Handling the Holidays, Dress for Success, Wedding Tips, Funeral Faux Pas, Tipping Properly, Manners for Minors, and so much more.

My goal in writing this book is to help you navigate confidently in any situation and I will answer questions for you such as:

  • What are the B.M.W.s of dining?
  • Which is my personal and which is my private hand, and why is that important?
  • What are the “Top Ten Faux Pas” we commit on a daily basis?
  • How can I increase my chances of acing that big job interview?
  • Which way do I face when I walk down a row to get to my seat in a crowded theater?
  • When should I start teaching my children manners?

Just pick the subject you have a question about, spend sixty seconds studying the lists of tips  and faux pas, and walk away “Socially Savvy” in all situations.

Editorial Review

Southern Living Magazine- November 2007

What's Etiquette? Just Ask Joy

Joy Weaver polishes the manners of Texans-from middle schoolers to corporate execs. 

By Gary D. Ford

She just finished teaching etiquette to eighth graders and emerged looking calm, perfectly coiffed, and ready for her next assignment at a Dallas Fortune 500 company. For a woman who can handle 120 teenagers, telling an executive he's using the wrong fork is a piece of cake.

"I don't make up the rules; I just teach them," says etiquette expert Joy Weaver. That's important, she says, because a. major business decision may turn on the wrong choice of cutlery or an intrusive cell phone call. 

To polish their manners, companies, schools, and other groups around Texas just ask Joy, founder of Plano based Protocol Enterprises, Inc. They also buy her book, Just Ask Joy (Brown Books, $14.99). It offers tips toward correct social and business behavior, including how to remember BMW.

She Learned the Lessons Too

"That's 'bread, meal, water,' " she says, pointing to three lunch components. "If you're at a crowded round table, you may think, 'If this is my napkin, is that my water?' So I always say, 'Remember BMW. The bread is on the left, the meal is in the middle, and the water is on the right.' " 

Joy learned such lessons herself while working at a cor-porate real estate firm. The president asked her to oversee the company's mentorship program, in which employees taught youngsters after school. 

Joy decided to teach manners but quickly learned she was barely a page ahead of the kids in any etiquette book. "I had no idea what I didn't know," she says, still amazed. 

Blame It on the Sixties 

The knowledge of good manners, she believes, began to disappear a few decades ago. "In the 1950s a lot of people were still taught etiquette because we ate at home, and we did a lot of socializing," she recalls. "But then the sixties came-peace, love, rock and roll, I think there was a break there. People of my generation were not taught manners, so we had no idea how to train our children."  

So after the etiquette classes with the kids, she enrolled in The Protocol School of Washington for "eight days in boot camp." Joy also earned certification from the Letitia Baldrige Business Etiquette Program.

Shining People Like Diamonds 

As an international protocol consultant, Joy founded her company in 1999 and began her work as "a polishing cloth." Among her clients are rank-and-file employees who are promoted to the front office. Suddenly, they're working with the public, rough edges and all.  

"People are like diamonds; we all have value, but it's not until we're polished that our true worth is recognized," she remarks. "I say, 'Look the customer in the eye. Give them a firm handshake. Treat others by the golden rule.' "  

That rule rings true with cell phones. "I can say that's the biggest faux pas," she says of inappropriate phone usage such as "cell yell" -talking loudly as if the other party were Alexander Graham Bell himself.

"You should say to a lunch partner: 'I'm expecting a call. My cell phone is going to be muted. When it rings I'm going to step out and take this call,'" she continues.

Manners and the PDA

Many in the Metroplex pick up her tips over morning coffee. She appears regularly on WFA1\s Good Morning Texas, where she may discuss topics from funeral etiquette to pregnancy propriety. (Don't ask an expectant mother if you can feel her tummy.)  

Joy still bones up on social skills, finding that changing technology requires new rules. It's bad meeting manners, she says, to peck away on a PDA while a speaker has the  floor.  What's next? Etiquette is ever changing with each new technology advance. Pick up tips and contact Joy at   

Five Etiquette Answers From Joy   

1. Should a man always open doors and pull out chairs for a woman? On a date, yes. At work, no.   

2. Where does your napkin belong when you are finished eating? Always to the left of your plate. 

3. Should you apply lipstick at the dining table? No, go to a private area.

4. Should you stand when you are introduced to a man? Yes. Always stand when being introduced to anyone.  

5. In which hand should you hold your drink? The left hand; leave the right for socializing. 

Meet the Writer


Name: Joy Weaver

Official Website:


Joy Weaver, president of PROTOCOL Enterprises, Inc., and Just Ask Joy specializes in corporate and social etiquette training. Ms. Weaver develops and teaches programs that lead to business and social success. She conducts classes for major corporations, non-profit and civic organizations, as well as individuals ranging from children to Fortune 500 executives.

In addition to her regular segments on ABC's Good Morning Texas ad NBC5i, Ms. Weaver is nationally published and appears regularly to discuss etiquette issues on numerous television and radio shows. Ms Weaver has also been featured nationally on ABC's “The View,” and The Early Show, Family Net, in the Associated Press, Southern Living Magazine, and USA Today.

Ms. Weaver is also the author of the book, Just Ask Joy . . . How to be Socially Savvy in All Situations.” Her book, which is highly endorsed by Zig Ziglar, provides easy to read lists of “Power Tips and Faux Pas to Avoid” for a wide variety of common social and business situations. If you have an etiquette question, “Just Ask Joy. . . The Etiquette Expert.”

Ms. Weaver is a corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant certified by the Protocol School of Washington DC. Her training also includes years of research and study as well as certification from Letitia Baldrige's Business Etiquette Program. Protocol Enterprises Inc./Just Ask Joy is based in Dallas, Texas. The company has been serving clients across the country since 1999.


Table of Contents

Part One
Just for Starters  1
My Personal Tips and Faux Pas 2
Top Ten Etiquette Faux Pas 4
Tech Etiquette 6
Part Two
Climbing the Corporate Ladder  9
Dress for Success—Men 10
Dress for Success—Women 14
“Ace Your Job Interview” Etiquette 18
Business Meeting Etiquette 20
Travel Tipping Etiquette 22
Jetiquette 26
Dining Etiquette 28
Conversation and Listening Etiquette 31
Networking Skills Etiquette 33
E-Mail Faux Pas 36
Telephone and Voice Mail Etiquette 37
Cubicle (Workplace) Etiquette 39
Home Office Etiquette 41
Part Three
Being the Right Date and the Right Mate  45
Dating Etiquette 46
Tips a Lady Should Know 48
Tips a Gentleman Should Know 50
Homecoming and Coming Home Etiquette 51
Breakup Etiquette 53
Wedding Etiquette 55
Tips for Wedding Party Etiquette 57
Wedding Ring Etiquette 59
Anniversary Etiquette 60
Part Four
Christmas and Party Etiquette  63
Top Ten Christmas Holiday Faux Pas 64
Etiquette Tips for Christmas 66
Christmas Office Gift-Giving Etiquette 68
Children’s Holiday Etiquette 70
Host and Hostess Etiquette 72
Houseguest Etiquette 73
Part Five
Handling Bad News, Including Funerals  75
Things Not to Say when a Friend . . . 76
More Things Not to Say when a Friend . . . 80
Funeral Attendee Etiquette 85
Funeral Tips for the Family of the Deceased 87
Part Six
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions . . . Situations We Face on a Daily Basis  91
Dinner Party Etiquette 92
Top Ten Toasting Etiquette Tips 95
Limousine or Town Car Etiquette 97
Movie Theater Etiquette 99
Golf Etiquette 101
Driving Etiquette 103
Petiquette 104
Pregnancy Etiquette 105
Gym Etiquette 107
Part Seven
Growing up . . . For Young Children and Young Adults  109
Manners for Minors 110
Top Ten Car Pool Driver’s Faux Pas 113
Kids’ Car Pool Faux Pas 114
Prom Etiquette for Young Ladies 115
Prom Etiquette for Young Men 116
Graduation Etiquette 118
Top Ten Dorm Etiquette Tips 121 

Highly Endorsed by Zig Ziglar

Many years ago, psychiatrist Smiley Blanton, who worked with Dr. Norman Vincent Peale for several years, observed that 90 percent of all the counseling he did was the direct result of parents failing to teach their children manners—manners being more than just how to hold a knife and fork. It's deportment and civility; it's concern for others.  “Just Ask Joy . . . ” How to Be Socially Savvy In All Situations is a quick, easy-to-read guide to correct manners, written in an ethical and effective style, that will be helpful in most every situation throughout life's experiences.
—Jean and Zig Ziglar

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