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A Thinker’s Daily Challenge

by Ken Havelock

Young and old alike love “quiz shows,” and this budding educational book series provides a similar experience. Volume 1 covers geography, history, the sciences, and pop culture. It features puzzles, image identifications, short stories, questions presented in a variety of formats, along with many surprises! Celebrity endorsed, and a Mom’s Choice Awards® recipient.

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Ghosts of the Siege

by Steven Abernathy

A 14-year-old soldier killed during the American Revolution comes back as a ghost to modern-day Savannah, GA when his bones are unearthed by a student and made into a decoration. This exciting novel depicts with historical accuracy the Siege of Savannah, one of the bloodiest battles of the war, while introducing readers to the most haunted city in America.

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Unspoken Valor

by Steven Abernathy

Experience the terror of being a twenty-year-old crewman on a B-17 bomber as you do battle with enemy fighters, anti-aircraft cannons, and the body numbing cold of high altitude daylight bombing in WWII. Experience the thrill of a young man who makes the abrupt change from a farm laborer in a rural community to one who hunts Nazi spies who have infiltrated General Dwight Eisenhower's staff in London. 

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