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Choosing the Right Point of View Leads to Higher Returns

by Joseph Sommerville, Ph.D.

Choosing the Right Point of View Leads to Higher Returns By any objective standard, you had the credentials, the track record and the facts on your side for your presentation. But maybe you’re not making the connection with the audience that wins you the business. If one of your presentations has been less successful than you expected, you might benefit from reconsidering your perspective. Read More

Conquering the Disconnect

by Joseph Sommerville, Ph.D.

Conquering the Disconnect Successful presentations work to both capture and sustain audience attention. Speakers usually remember the former, but too often neglect the latter. When you recognize some of the most common ways speakers disconnect from their audiences, you can avoid falling into the same traps. Read More

Persuading Step-by-Step

by Joseph Sommerville, Ph.D.

Persuading Step-by-Step People often forget persuasion is a process rather than an event. Prospects aren’t unconvinced one moment and suddenly committed the next because you’ve discovered the verbal “magic bullet.” Moving people to action involves a gradual and sequential approach. You’ll be much more effective persuading prospects to take action when you implement the principle of “psychological progression.” This organizing principle divides a presentation into discrete steps designed to move listeners toward a desired outcome.  Each step serves a specific purpose in the process of persuasion by creating the desired mental state in the minds of the audience. Here are the five steps, along with example messaging for each. Read More

Be Persuasive On the Spot

by SharĂ­ Alexander

Be Persuasive On the Spot During a typical meeting you are called upon to speak about an issue that is on the table. Here’s your moment! Here’s your opportunity to be noticed by your boss. Here’s your chance to say something and be heard….or fall flat on your face and make a fool of yourself. Read More
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