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How to Co – Exist with Your Force of Nature

by Leslie G. Ungar

How to Co – Exist with Your Force of Nature We admire them, we swear at them, and we swear by them.  Some of us work for them, work with them, or are related to them. How we see these people is very much a matter of what role they fill in our personal or professional lives: how we are connected to them. They are always in some way bigger than life. Read More

Passion is Required for a Winning Culture

by Nathan Jamail

Passion is Required for a Winning Culture Passion is one of those words that many people love to use but very rarely do they actually demonstrate it themselves. It easily can be the reason for almost any person or organization’s success. Passion fuels everything good about a person or an organization, so why is it so hard to find people that are passionate about their jobs or the product or service they sell? Read More

Herbie’s Hints: Wisdom from a Dad to a Daughter

by Leslie G. Ungar

Herbie’s Hints: Wisdom from a Dad to a Daughter My Dad was Herbert L. Ungar. That “L” was very important to him. I wrote Herbie’s Hints in honor of my Dad and the one-sentence chunks of wisdom he doled out through-out his lifetime. These hints also recognize my Mom, who was the only person who ever called my Dad “Herbie”. I am grateful for the 52 years I was able to receive these hints directly from him. Each Herbie’s Hint has a phrase or a philosophy he taught me. My Dad was a man of few words. He liked clarity, simple clarity. Every hint has concise helpful information from Herbie’s perspective. Each ‘Herbie’s Hints’ concludes with a question for you. The question is to challenge you to figure out how to apply the tip to your life and then benefit from each hint. Read More
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